Monday, 19 August 2013

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29 May 2013 at 09:40
so last night i slept at around 2.45 am.
technically it wasn't night anymore.
but still, tomorrow doesn't start until i woke up.
recently, i've been thinking about me.

1. i can't sleep early. i won't wake up for subuh if i went to bed early

2. don't ask me to watch movies with you if you're gonna end up talking to each other and not focusing on the movie. this is rude. the thing is, nowadays, i've been seeing a movie as a masterpiece (i'm talking about forrest gump, saving private ryan, etc. not mael lambung or hantu bonceng)

3. a 13-year-old child is married to her rapist. (ok this is out of topic but WTF?). when i was 13 i would insist to watch dragon-ball z, sailormoon, you name it. i see this as destroying the girl's future. to her rapist? suka sama suka pun, agak-agak la.

4. i couldn't sleep with the lights turned off (if i happened to sleep alone that time). major problem. penakut punya budak.

5. i've been writing notes again. i'm not taking any english classes right now, and i need to sharpen my english writng skills. i got myself some books, been watching english movies for ages, and yeah, write notes. i need to find the confidence to talk and the knowledge to use the so-called bombastic words.

6. i'm a person with no hope. no. i am ambitious. this is another hope that i'm talking about. maybe i'm like Summer Finn but i don't give hopes to people.

7. couple of months ago, i've been unfriending a lot of people. suka sangat inbox kan. padan muka. semak je. i told you i'm like Summer Finn. a good one la.

8. last night, i listened to yuna-lelaki. kelakar jugak suara yuna bila dengar kuat-kuat. above all, she's awesome.

9. i've been eating vegetables! this is a major change that i've noticed. a good one for me. giving all the vitamins to my body.

10. i like male bloggers. the one that i'm reading now is Redza Minhat's metafizika gampangsolo and matluthfi90's. i've read akutakpeduli by melayu minimalis. akutakpeduli was indeed awesome. i didn't find what i want in females blogger blogs. reviewing about make-up is good but you don't have to do many entries about it. personal life? boring. aku x nak tau kucing kau makan apa pagi ni, atau tudung apa kau pakai pergi kelas tadi. =.='

11. i have high hopes for reunion. i hope, this one reunion that i'll be going, is not the same as the one i went during fasting month last time.

*insert radiohead-creep.mp3

12. orang yang marah ada orang suka dekat dia, adalah MAJOR FAIL. you don't own people's heart, chap. lantak dia lah nak suka kau ke tak. kalau takut kantoi dengan awek, yang kau layan tu kenapa? this has nothing to do with me. aku cuma nak cakap kau fail. tu je.

13. what makes politics dirty is the people. people who reject politics are not thinking straight. be realistic okay?

14. these notes that i've been writing are for my future. i'm afraid, as i'm getting older, i will forget about everything i've experienced during my youth. this explains why i need to make one note about blogs that i've read. aku malas nak buat blog.

i stop here.

*taken from my notes in facebook

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