Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I'm going to be single for a long..long...time


Once, my mom said to me about 6/5 years ago:

"Nanti tak payah la bercinta-cinta time sekolah. Final year dekat uni nanti baru cari."

And as a good daughter, I replied:

"Baiklah mak." lol. no. The actual reply --> "Pfftt. Tolonglah. Apa cinta-cinta ni..."

So during the last raya, during the salam-salam asking for forgiveness routine and extracting duit raya from abang, she said to me:

"Mak doakan kakdik dapat jodoh yang baik dan beriman."

Walauwwweehhhh... kau ada? kahkah!

Being a good daughter, I said:

"Insyaallah mak." lol. no. The actual reply --> "Pfftt. Tolonglah. Apa cinta-cinta ni..."

See? The 2009/2008 me, and the 2014 me. No difference at all. *High five bro!

When we got back to our village, all the relatives were fanatic about my brother who's currently working as an engineer in Johor. The usual questions lah. "Dah graduate ke? Kerja apa? Kat mana? Bila nak kahwin?"

As for me, this expressionless, fierce, gangster face of mine swept their questions off long before they were able to make eye-contact with these fiery eyes. The trick is, to salam and leave as soon as possible. *applicable only when you are not friendly enough with the cousins.

Back to the title of the post, I've been thinking a lot lately. Especially the part where I'll be an official graduate of Unimas. Where will I go? What will I do? How much will I get paid? Do I continue Master's degree or not?

Out of the questions, not even once the "Who/when will I marry?" question appeared in my freaking mind. kahkahkah!

Thus, the title.

Toodles! :)

P/S: I'm starting to get really flexible talking about this jodoh stuff in public. Maybe it's because, I don't care about it anymore! hahaha

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